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"Individually we can make a difference but collectively we can make a change".


Wow, some stunning pictures of the Obama's!












Welcome to the White House
The President opens the door to the Oval Office for visitors.


Toughest Job in the World
Obama gathers his thoughts during a meeting with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. He often spends several moments in silent reflection before making a decision.


First Day on the Job
The President stands behind his desk on January 21.


Checking it Out
First Lady Michelle Obama visits the President in his office on the first day of his term, as Barack speaks with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.


A Living Museum
Obama stops to admire a painting in the Blue Room of the White House.


The President returns a chair to its place after a meeting in the Oval Office.


Michelle Obama checks over her husband before receiving guests at the Obama's first formal affair, the Governor's Dinner, held at the White House in February.


Biden joins Obama in the private dining room of the West Wing. If they are both in town, the two men meet for lunch once each week..


Gibbs listens to Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as Obama reads a document in the Oval Office on St. Patrick's Day.


The President often palms a football or basketball while thinking or during breaks between meetings with staff.


After School
Amid a day packed with events, Obama runs into Michelle and Malia on the ground floor of the residence. Obama speaks often about the relief his family provides from the stresses of the job.


Red Room
The President checks the time before giving a nationally televised press conference on March 24..


A classified briefing awaits Obama in his private dining room just outside the Oval Office, along with cheese, crackers and a pear. On this day, Obama was running late so his first course had been wrapped.


The Residence
A portrait of Ulysses S. Grant hangs in Obama's private office, where he often adjourns in the evening to work. In this photo, he reads a selection of the letters he receives every day from people around the country.


Obama handwrites answers to many of the letters himself..


The President and First Lady are briefed by Valerie Jarrett before an event with the National Newspaper Publishers Association.


Touch Up
Obama allows his tie to be adjusted before the Governor's Dinner.


The President greets California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver before the Governor's Dinner.


Music at the Governor's Dinner was provided by the group Earth, Wind and Fire.


The Obamas return to the residence after the Governor's Dinner.


Ash Wednesday
Biden and Obama share a light moment.


Obama pauses during his first tour of the White House grounds to try out the local rim.


Obama pauses during his first tour of the White House grounds to try out the local rim.


First Couple
Michelle and Barack wait for a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen.


Good View
The window in the Blue Room overlooks the South Lawn.


Air Force One
The President travels to Denver , Colorado .


Back Lawn
A table outside the residence provides a good place to take a call.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni greet Barack and Michelle upon their arrival at the Palais Rohan in Strasbourg .


Michelle and Carla discuss the moment when Michelle put her arm around the Queen, a breach of royal protocol.


Obama recounts a moment from his visit to London when a spectator grew excited at the sight of his personal aide. "Are YOU Reggie Love?!" the man shouted.


Attracts a Crowd
Dignitaries follow Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan into the Blue Mosque in Istanbul .


News on Board
The President and his advisers catch up on the news aboard Air Force One.


In Flight Meeting
In the doorway of the conference room aboard Air Force One, Obama confers with (left to right) Axelrod, Gibbs (back to camera) and Senior Foreign Policy Adviser Denis McDonough.


Welcome to Iraq
Obama arrives at Baghdad Internataional Airport .


Photo Op
The soldiers take pictures of their special guest.


Around 600 troops attended the President's address.


Around 600 troops attended the President's address.


Oval Office
This photograph was taken two months into the President's term.


A Limo Awaits
The First Couple departs the White House on Barack's first day in office.


The White House Staff meets the president during his first week of his term.


The First Couple has their photo taken before the Governor's Dinner.


The Elevator
Michele and Barack leave a meeting with newspaper publishers.








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